Some wonderful colours



“Before I finished it Arensberg put something inside the ball of twine, and never told me what it was, and I didn’t want to know. It was a sort of secret between us, and it makes noise, so we called this a Ready-made with a hidden noise. Listen to it. I don’t know; I will never know whether it is a diamond or a coin”

Marcel Duchamp

This color study is a digitally blurred and enhanced found screenshot. I can’t remember which was the original image that it comes from or the reason why we decide to keep this specific visual moment, but it stayed on our main desktop for more than two years. I guess it possess some kind of hypnotic magnetism.

50.0 x 70.0 cm
Lightjet Print Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme
RC paper (C-print) Glossy finish

*This work is sold unframed
Please allow 2 weeks for printing